Tutorials and materials from EngHub for easy learning

Educational materials for teachers and learners of English in ENG HUB
ENG HUB is a young and promising startup in the field of e-learning, created by a team of English language enthusiasts from Ukraine.

The startup’s main mission is to provide teachers and students with innovative resources for effective English language teaching. English lesson plans allow everyone to learn English from scratch or gain important knowledge in this area.

Platform Features

ENG HUB is not just a platform, it is a community of enthusiasts who strive to make the process of learning English interesting, effective and accessible. The team of specialists is made up of those who share a love for the English language and are committed to sharing this passion with others. The unique features of ENG HUB include the following:

  • ready-made lessons;
  • free materials;
  • lessons for teenagers and adults;
  • relevant, innovative resources, etc.

ENG HUB provides ready-made English lessons that teachers can use in their work. These lessons are developed by professionals taking into account current trends and best practices in language teaching. They offer free, professional-grade materials for teaching English. Teachers can access lesson plans, video resources and pdf downloads for free.

ENG HUB covers a wide range of language levels — from A1 to B2. Regardless of a student’s skill level, there is something suitable for learning here. Eng Hub offers an extensive collection of video lessons that support lesson plans. Video materials can be used both in class and for self-study. They provide authentic language material and help students improve their listening skills. They understand that every student is unique, so materials have been developed to suit different levels of language proficiency — from beginner to experienced student.

Current and innovative resources

The platform constantly updates materials to keep them in line with the latest trends in language teaching. The lessons offered include modern topics, relevant situations and interesting formats, making the learning process fun. ENG HUB provides resources appropriate to the level of any student. The materials offered can be adapted to suit different needs and teaching styles.
ENG HUB is not just another platform for teaching English. It is a community where people who share a common passion for language come together to exchange knowledge and experiences. They strive to make the learning process more fun, effective and accessible.

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