What you can see in the best museum in Dubai

Do you want to see innovative developments from the future? Then you should take a trip to Dubai.

Find out more information on the website https://world-arabia.com/ru/articles/museum-of-the-future-v-dubae-opisanie-i-interesnye-fakty/ about the Museum of the Future, which has become very popular among tourists. It will be interesting for both children and adults, as the exhibitions evoke genuine delight.

Features of the museum’s architecture

Sean Kill, who worked on the architectural design of the structure, approached the issue in a progressive manner. He managed to create a modern building that embodies many innovative approaches.

The design of this museum is unique. It is made in a toroidal shape, which has become a symbol of eternity. A significant advantage is that the space inside is open, because the designers did not use columns.

The steel panels that cover the facade of the structure are complemented by Arabic quotes. Robotic technologies were used to apply them to surfaces. By the way, they not only decorate the museum, but also replace traditional windows, which looks very interesting.

This museum uses solar panels that fill the premises with energy. They are installed not only on the roof, but also on other suitable surfaces. Thanks to solar panels, the environment does not suffer from various pollution.

Before the opening, the museum had already managed to receive prestigious international awards. Experts highlighted its unique design and innovative approach to architecture. In Dubai, this attraction is the most popular, so you shouldn’t ignore it.

When can I get to the museum?

This establishment is open every day, seven days a week. It opens at 9.30 am and closes at 9 pm. You will buy an entrance ticket to the museum for 149 dirhams. It shows the time and date of your visit, so keep it within reach. If suddenly an employee of the institution approaches you, you need to show him your ticket.

Children under four years old will enter the museum free of charge. Also, one of the guardians and people with disabilities do not need to pay. Supporting documents will be checked at the entrance, so don’t forget them at home as this is an opportunity to save money on visiting interesting places.

Purchase of tickets to the museum is available from 9.30 am to 19.00 pm. Remember that there are many tourists who want to come here. That’s why book your ticket online in advance so as not to be left without a memorable experience!

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